Missing Persons & Spousal Investigation

Our professional team provides investigative work into missing persons, specific individuals and spouses. We are able to conduct our investigation across the border as the situation demands.

Missing Persons

Despair and frustration will often accompany each missing person case. Trying to locate a missing person is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and preliminary investigations often lead nowhere or progress slowly.

With the help of our vast experience, elaborate databases and analytical methodology, we possess the resources to achieve critical breakthroughs in such cases. Over the years, we have helped numerous persons reunite with their families.

Our investigative work can be carried out for not only subjects in Hong Kong, but can also be carried out for subjects in Mainland China too.

Investigation into Specific Individuals

Want to conduct a background check, or dig deeper into suspicious activity or the transfer of assets by an individual? Our company can conduct a close surveillance or investigation into a specific person to uncover answers for you.

Our scope covers vehicle, residential or office locations, and our findings will be presented in a comprehensive report.

Spousal Investigation

Another area where we can lend our expertise is for extra-marital affair investigations. When a suspected affair is being carried out by your spouse, it is often the best approach to seek professional investigative help in acquiring evidence. Any evidence gathered could be useful in eventual divorce proceedings.

It is therefore paramount that information and evidence be collected and preserved in the most professional manner.

Our investigative work can encompass missing persons, specific individuals and spouses.
We have the capability to conduct investigation work across borders as the situation demands.

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