About Our Hong Kong Security Company

Hong Kong Corporate Security Co., Ltd. (‘HKCS’, License No.: 1790) is a security company that provides professional, comprehensive services and solutions for corporate clients, including bodyguard, anti-eavesdropping detection (TSCM), commercial investigation, safety seminars and security equipment. Since its establishment, HKCS has served numerous clients which include government agencies, large state-owned enterprises, chain stores, housing estates as well as construction projects. With its professional team and dedicated service, it has been highly appreciated and has become a well-known security company in Hong Kong.

Awards and Honours Received

HKCS is a security company that has been awarded many honours over the years, such as the “Strength Brand Award” organized by “EDIGEST”, “Outstanding SME Social Responsibility Award” organized by “The Mirror”, Hong Kong Famous Brand, Best Business Partner for SMEs, etc., and stands out from others in the security company Hong Kong industry. In addition, HKCS has been interviewed by the media many times, sharing various stories behind building a successful brand.

The Outstanding Brand Awards
The Outstanding SME social responsibility Awards
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The Best SME Partners

Experts and Advisors

To become a professional and reliable security company, its management team is particularly important. HKCS has invited a number of experienced experts to serve as an advisory team, including a retired chief police superintendent who was responsible for government security affairs, a retired chief inspector who has solved numerous high-profile cases, and IT engineers who have participated in the development of many large-scale corporate systems.

After 35 years of service, he is a retired Chief Superintendent of Police and former Government Security Officer.

George Lee
Strategic Advisor

As a retired Chief Inspector of Police, he has 37 years’ experience in criminal investigations, and decorated 12 times in his career.
KK Law, Ka Keung
Investigations Advisor
He is the former Vice President of HKT, and Head of Google Corporate Solutions for multiple regions in Asia.
C.F. Cheung
Equipment Consultant

Security Company Hong Kong License

HKCS is a legally licensed security company(1790) which allows us to provide security work of Type I and Type III. To set up a security company in Hong Kong, or to renew a license, the security company must pass an extremely rigorous review and meet various requirements of the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority. According to the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Chapter 460 of the Laws of Hong Kong), any security company that provides security services in Hong Kong must hold a valid license.

Why do you need a Hong Kong security company?

Your business is vulnerable to threats every day. Be it from outside influences or from internal ones, your sensitive documents, money, technology and other important assets are at risk. The best way to safeguard yourself, your staff and your company, is to hire a security company in Hong Kong.

At HKCS, we are a renowned and licensed corporate security company in Hong Kong that specializes in offering a variety of security services for companies of all sizes. We have worked with numerous companies across different industries and we can help protect your business interests through tailored corporate security services. Reach out to our security company today to discuss your requirements with us.

What makes our security company your perfect partner?

Our company provides a multitude of corporate and personal solutions to safeguard business and personal interests. This includes services like private investigations, spousal investigations, personal security, escort duty for valuable goods, as well as counter surveillance services. Here is how we stand out from our competitors:

Local experts with an international mindset

Our security company is staffed with the very best professionals our market has to offer

World-class equipment

Other than our industry-leading professionals, we utilise world-class instruments to help us deliver our full-range of services

A new way of thinking for corporate security

In addition to professional investigation services, our security company in Hong Kong offers an array of value-added services too

Exclusive licences

Our company operates a number of special counter surveillance equipment under exclusive licenses, which you can benefit from by partnering with us.

Keep intruders at bay

Malicious outside influences can target your company for a variety of reasons from stealing handy cash to accessing company secrets. Having someone keep a lookout and protect your premises and business interests proactively can help you keep your sensitive assets safe.

Our security company in Hong Kong can help you set up a dedicated perimeter watch unit who patrols your premises 24/7. That way, you can go home or to your office in peace, knowing your company is in safe hands.

At HKCS, we employ state-of-the-art monitoring technology to keep track of movement inside and outside your office premises. Our security company will be able to alert you if there’s an unauthorized entry and take immediate action to stop the intruder from wreaking havoc on your premises.

Protect your high-value goods

From theft to on-road mishaps, a variety of risks plague the safety of your goods and valuables. The expense of replacing damaged or destroyed raw materials and/or products is incredibly high. The loss of business that comes from delaying a product launch or a service is much worse.

Limit your losses by choosing our company to escort your goods securely from one location to another. Our team of highly-experienced security company professionals will conduct the requisite checks to make sure the chosen routes are safe to travel. We’ll ensure your goods reach their destination on time, in the perfect condition.

Hire the right people

Your employees can make or break your company. Your top management in particular can define the direction your company heads in and whether it survives the foreseeable future or not.

In many cases, it isn’t just their professional aptitude that matters. Their personal history and career past can impact the type of risks your company could come under. From flighty behavior to financial fraud to sexual harassment, many skeletons could be hiding in your prospective hire’s closet. By hiring someone without doing the right background checks can thrust your company into dangerous legal issues.

Our security company Hong Kong team of professionals can investigate your prospective hire’s past thoroughly. We can give you a detailed report which you can use to make a hiring decision.

Personal protection services

As the CEO, director or leadership of your company, your job will always be in the limelight. Your position may make you a target to competitors and other negative forces, if you’re not careful.

But don’t worry. With help from our security company Hong Kong team of personal bodyguards, you will be able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm. At HKCS, we offer dedicated 24/7, 365 days of personal protection service to corporate heads, political leaders, celebrities and influential people.

Our security company personnel will accompany you on your business travels and ensure you are kept safe at all times. Contact us today to discuss your corporate security requirements.

Leading the way in corporate security

This is why HKCS is the most reliable corporate security company for you:

We have market leadership

Our security company director – Mr. Jeff Ho, is a founding member of the Hong Kong Private Detective Association with over 35 other market leaders. His extensive experience and reach help us offer the most comprehensive security coverage possible


Expertise in various cyber-attacks

We are highly invested in company network and data security to counter the latest risks and threats

Commitment to corporate and social responsibility

Through our Association, we have managed to build closer ties between the Hong Kong, China and international markets


Focused on quality and professionalism

With over 50 professional staff, our security company offers comprehensive services and a peace of mind


Your one-stop service provider

We are specialists in tracking, valuable goods escort, personal security, network security, and much more

A growing brand

We are aggressively expanding our network in Mainland China to meet our goal of establishing a presence in all major cities within 3 years


12 types of professional services you can count on us for

Our security company Hong Kong team offers comprehensive services that help us discharge our duties. These include:

Security company success cases

About our security company Hong Kong services – FAQs:

You can search a licensed security company in Hong Kong at the website of Security Bureau: https://www.sb.gov.hk/eng/links/sgsia/tall.html 

It depends on what type of security work that the security company in Hong Kong has applied for the licence. A company can provide security guarding services if their licence is registered with Type I. Type II is for the security company to offer armored transportation services. If a company has Type III permission on their licence, they are able to do the work of installation, maintenance and/or repairing of a security device.

The services vary between companies. Apart from general security works like security guarding or installation of a CCTV, HKCS also provides services of investigation and TSCM (Technical Security Counter Measures).