Trainings & Workshops

Hong Kong Corporate Security offers a assortment of trainings and workshops to help educate company management and staff on matters related to security, cyber security, crisis management, intellectual property and anti-corruption.



Conducted by our ex-law enforcement staff, we offer valuable tips and information on workplace safety and security awareness for companies and their staff.

Crisis Management

Targeting management level staff, we offer courses and workshops that help important decision-makers of a company improve their situational awareness, especially while they are overseas.

Our information-packed courses will delve into survival basics, first aid, evasion tactics and much more.

Intellectual Property

These informational sessions include areas such as trademarks, patents and copyright. They cover the basic application procedures, governing bodies, ways to safeguard them and also actions for recourse should they be infringed.


Our talks will help reinforce knowledge on ethical business practises and possible pitfalls. Corruption can be a major obstacle for business development, and it is essential to uphold values and promote practices that has continually helped Hong Kong become one of the least corrupt cities in the world.

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