Our Services

Hong Kong Corporate Security provides an array of professional services. Our quality and expertise are industry leading, and we are your perfect one-stop partner in security and investigation services.

Over the years, we have enjoyed not only the support or local companies, but also international ones too. This is a testament to our high operation standards and experience.

Our services can be broadly categorised into 14 areas: Military Grade Anti-eavesdropping Devices, Eavesdropping Detection, Subject Tracking and Monitoring Services, Guarding and Venue Security, Confidentiality Services, Value Goods Escort, Theft-prevention Workshops, Personal and Corporate Investigations, Security Systems and Equipment, Network Security Workshops, Online Security Services, Crisis Training, Intellectual Property Workshops, and Anti-corruption Workshops.

Consultancy Services

We have experts from a wide range of business and law enforcement fields on staff, such as high-ranking officials and management from the Hong Kong Police Force, ICAC, Home Affairs Department, Network and IT Companies, as well as Financial Institutions.

They possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and are highly-accredited in their respective fields, making them ideal candidates in providing professional consultancy services to our discerning clients.

Exclusive Membership Scheme

Hong Kong Corporate Security has established a membership scheme that offers a host of value-added services and special service rates for our clients.

A client can become a member in 2 ways:

  1. Subscribe to any of our service packages
  2. Pay an annual fee, which can be waived with the purchase of any service package


Special Service Rates are as follows:
– Silver Member: 10% off products and services
– Gold Member: 15% off products and services
– Platinum Member: 20% off products and services

A Variety of Premium Services

Hong Kong Corporate Security provides an array of security and investigation services with abundant options and flexibility for clients. Our fee structure can be based on the number of services required, service hours needed, personnel requisitioned, as well as specific equipment needed.

What’s more, we have recently introduced prepaid service packages at a discount rate. This means that clients can enjoy attractive special rates and use our services within a 5-year validity period to suit their requirements.

Service Packages

from HK$600,000

Choose from a variety of service packages based on your needs. Contact us to learn more today!