The world is changing fast and your personal and professional life is bound to get affected. Stay ahead with the right information at your fingertips. With help from our private detective agency in Hong Kong, you’ll now have experienced professionals at your service.
Get the details you need on the people you want to know about, or are a threat to you. Our team of highly-experienced private detectives in Hong Kong, at an affordable cost, will tap into all available sources to get you the insights you need.


You deserve to lead a life that is safe and free of threats. Your family deserves to live in the knowledge that they’re always protected. This is something our private detectives in Hong Kong can help you with at a reasonable cost.


Don’t leave things to chance. Instead, hire our private investigators in Hong Kong to gather the information you need to keep your life and your affairs completely safe. As a reputable private detective agency, we are highly-experienced in investigative work, evidence collection and professional tracking and surveillance. With our timely intelligence and support, you’ll now be able to plan what’s best for yourself and your family.


The loss of business opportunity, negative reputation and expenses in legal fees that can come from absence of information, which can be extremely expensive for firms.


Stay ahead of competition and take proactive business decisions with the insights you receive from our private detective agency in Hong Kong. At a reasonable price, our private investigators in Hong Kong can also help you collect pertinent information about your business competitors and keep tabs on your professional contenders.


The members of our private detective Hong Kong agency have a wealth of experience in working for a wide range of corporate clients. We’ll make sure that you receive timely heads-up about any impending business decisions, corporate threats and other industry information that may affect your company. Our private investigators in Hong Kong can also keep track of any specific members within and outside of your organization, as per your needs. Our robust surveillance will ensure your business’s reputation remains untarnished.


Our private detective agency also provides comprehensive services in information and evidence gathering to support legal proceedings. We can conduct thorough studies into the backgrounds of parties involved. For matters related to property holdings, we can conduct research into ownership history and historical records through our elaborate database.


If the concern is related to marriage, parenthood, adoption, divorce and/or custody proceedings, our private detective agency in Hong Kong will exercise the greatest delicacy when prospecting informants, collecting information and conducting any required investigation.


Maintaining your safety and comfort is of the utmost importance to us. You can trust our private detective agency to ensure that your personal and public life and image will never be compromised by any member of our team. Our private detective agency in Hong Kong is well-established and offers a wide range of investigative services. We employ a variety of cutting-edge devices and equipment to help our private investigators in Hong Kong deliver the best results at an affordable cost for our clients.


To cater to the increasingly complex and dynamic situations faced by a private investigator in Hong Kong, our industry has certainly evolved over the years. From relying on instincts and experience to using more technology-focused methods, at HKCS we employ a variety of investigative techniques.


In addition to close, human surveillance of subjects, we frequently use hi-tech surveillance equipment such as wireless cameras and detectors. Our private detective agency in Hong Kong sources it’s technology from leading surveillance device manufacturers, who have a legacy in supporting top private detective agencies around the world.


Our cutting-edge monitoring technology gives us the freedom we need to keep an eye out for trouble, in every direction and at all times. Rest assured that we will keep you in the loop about any nefarious activity, political problems or black swan events before they occur.


As professional private detectives in Hong Kong, our team will first learn the objectives of our investigation from the client. We will then determine the appropriate service and scope needed to achieve the objective. A comprehensive investigative plan will then be worked out by our team and presented to our client.


Once the scope, methods and terms are agreed, a contract will be signed by both parties prior to the commencement of investigative work by our private detective agency. As the investigation is underway, periodic reports will be presented to you to keep you abreast with the latest developments and findings.


Upon the completion of our investigative work, all case-related information and records will be kept confidential or disposed of in accordance with the highest standards of our industry. You can trust us to maintain the highest degree of secrecy and sensitivity both during and after the investigation.



As a well-established private detective agency in Hong Kong, our corporate security professionals have gathered years of experience in all types of cases, evidence gathering and close surveillance.


We also employ IT experts and electronics specialists to assist in our investigative work. The backbone of our investigative team is staffed by ex-officials and management personnel from law enforcement agencies, information technology and telecommunications companies. Some members of our private detective agency Hong Kong team possess above 30 years’ experience in this field.


Furthermore, our private detective agency is equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment to complement our investigative work, which increases efficiency, accuracy and professionalism.


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When do you need the services of a private detective agency in Hong Kong?

You may benefit hiring a private investigator in Hong Kong if:

· You have a feeling that you’re being watched or followed everywhere you go.
· You feel very unsafe and don’t exactly know why.
· You or a loved one has seen someone lurking around your property.
· You or a loved one has received threats or experienced physical or emotional harm from an unknown person.
· You want to keep a close watch on business competitors so you have pertinent information to make accurate business decisions.
· You want to clarify if your suspicions about someone are right or not.
· You want to protect someone who stays away from you.
· You are involved in a legal case or law enforcement issue and require PI services to collect information.

What are situations that a private detective Hong Kong agency can help with?

Our HKCS private detectives in Hong Kong can help you with:

· Close surveillance of client and client’s family
· Shadowing of subject
· Pre and post marital spousal investigation (or infidelity investigation)
· Theft, fraud and cheating instances
· Employee background check
· Property/asset/ownership verification
· Missing person tracking
· Undercover operations
· Social media monitoring and device tracking
· Business profile and competition surveillance

How are private investigators in Hong Kong allocated to each client?

Our private detective company in Hong Kong has in place a very stringent PI selection process. Our rigorous vetting, screening and matching process ensures you are matched with a private detective in Hong Kong that possesses the skill sets, experience and knowledge necessary to meet your bespoke goals. We take into consideration the outcome you are looking for and allocate the individual who can be of the most use to you.

All of the professionals at our private detective agency are trained in on-site and desk research investigative techniques. You can trust us to help keep you safe and answer any pressing issues you may have.

Can your private investigators in Hong Kong be kept on retainership?

Yes, they can. At HKCS, we have a variety of private detective agency packages for you to choose from. We are mindful of the fact that each individual has bespoke surveillance and investigative requirements. Our private investigators in Hong Kong will be made available to you on retainership. Please let us know exactly what you are looking for and we’ll set up your private detective Hong Kong service accordingly.

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