Anti-Eavesdropping Devices

We possess industry-leading experience, knowledge and more importantly – equipment, to help you or your company alleviate risks of eavesdropping in an array of situations.

24-Hour Signal Monitoring

The SpaceArk electromagnetic scanning device was developed in-house by our corporation, targeting 9K~6GHz frequency monitoring and tracking of abnormal signals.

Mobile Device Anti-Eavesdropping Box

SAFE-10 is counter cellular eavesdropping safe box with individually lockable cells for up to 10 smartphones intended for protection of data and acoustic information from eavesdropping via cellular networks and peer-to-peer communication over Bluetooth and WiFi channels as well as from covert activation of audio recorder on a mobile phone.

A must-have solution for any setting where a threat of the data-leakage via a personal mobile device is a factor, whether a board room, command and control centre, reasearchlab, workgroup, etc.